Natural Fashion

    Wool seems to be a material that is only used in winter, and the felted wool is icy in the imagination. Now we must change this old concept. Wool has a wide range of uses. In addition to the scarves, wool slippers, and gloves that are often worn in winter, colorful wool can still be seen in the hot summer. We can use these colorful and bright wool to make jewelry, hair accessories, and mobile phones, bags and some ingenious collocations make you an easy fashionista in an instant.

    The non-woven and integral formability of wool allows creators to change different styles and shapes as they like. Moreover, the felted finished product has the characteristics of not easy to deform, strong and durable, which is very suitable for creating various practical objects in life. It is a collection and The best choice for gifts.

    Using the simplest design to achieve pure visual beauty while completing functions is the most direct "low carbon". Nowadays, industrial production is flooded with all corners of life, a lot of copying, lack of individuality, felt reminds us of the value of originality, the hard work of the craftsman, and rediscover the value of handwork and natural materials. The felt can be decomposed, renewed, and recycled. It attracts attention with its excellent environmental performance.

    Wool has both soft and tough characteristics, good fiber elasticity, comfortable touch, and good reducibility. Therefore, after the felt products are folded, they can quickly return to their original shape and are not easily deformed. In addition, the fiber structure can be tightly tangled. The toughness does not require knitting, sewing, etc. It has good flexibility and is especially easy to fold and store Rustic, original ecological quality materials, with the most brief and neat design, usually easy to obtain long-term charm.