Purchase Notes

  • Please pay attention to the size before buying.
  • Wool felt products are hand-made by different workers in different batches,Each bag is a unique color. They are not exactly the same color as the picture,but the pattern is the same.Handmade products are not as perfect as machine-produced products.There may be variegated colors on the back of the bag and floating hair on the surface.We can't avoid them with minor flaws.So please understand that each product is slightly different.
  • Wool is dirt-resistant and self-cleaning,no frequent cleaning
  • The felt has the characteristics of fluffing.Dyeing with natural plant dyes will lose some floating colors. Pay attention to hand wash separately.Please refer to Cleaning and Maintenance.(we will attach cleaning and maintenance instructions after purchase )
  • Our products are all handmade.In many cases, there is no stock, and customers are also asked to wait patiently.
  • Hand-made products are not easy to make, so don't make bad reviews at will.
  • Thank you for shopping at STORYONFELT.If you have any questions about the product, please contact us.