Cleaning & Maintenance

Wool felt material will pilling and shed hair, which is inevitable due to the particularity of the material.

  • Cold water washing:Cold water is used to clean wool felt,because hot water easily destroys the structure of the protein in the wool and causes the appearance of the wool felt to change.In addition,before soaking and washing,you can use a paper towel to soak up the grease on the surface of the wool for easy cleaning.
  • Hand wash:The wool felt must be washed by hand and never use a washing machine to avoid damage to the surface shape of the wool felt and affect the beauty of the wool felt.
  • Cleaning method:Try to wash separately.When cleaning wool felt,don't use detergents containing bleach ingredients,and don't rub it hard.Choose a detergent for wool.You can press lightly after soaking, use some wool detergent when the part is dirty,and never use a brush to scrub. 
  • Drying method:After the wool felt is cleaned,don't wring out the water forcefully.You can remove the water by squeezing,then hang the wool felt to dry in a ventilated place,and don't expose it to the sun.


  • Commonly used soft brush to remove surface dust.
  • Place it in a place that is breathable to prevent squeezing and maintain the natural characteristics of wool fibers.
  • Clean up in time when you encounter stains, and be gentle when cleaning to avoid damage to wool fibers.
  • Just use small scissors or shaving machine to trim the balloon due to friction.